I’m Natasha, a London based Freelance Creative. Read more about me and explore my work as an Artist, Cartoonist, Writer and Web Designer.

When we were thinking up the Internet, I firmly believed that with a global information system in place, it would be impossible for people to deny things like climate change, but we are seeing the exact opposite. Our information systems allow people to live in little bubbles and to disconnect from reality in a way we didn’t foresee. This is very disappointing and is having a negative impact on art, politics, science, the economy, everything really.

— Jaron Lanier, You are not a gadget

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9 January 2020
LDComics Queer Comics Reading, The Cartoon Museum, London

12-22 December 2019
Illustration + Print Open, Deptford Does Art, London

2nd November 2019
The People’s Party Workshop, Deptford X, London

26 October
Ghost Comics Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

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Natasha fulfilled all the tasks given to her in a most professional manner, showing an inquisitive nature and interest for our work. No job too small or too big to ask. Moreover, she always asks if she can help or sees what work needs to be done, tackling things on her own initiative. In particular her excellent design work was very much appreciated during her stay.

She has also been participating in a number of workshop and other education related tasks, for which she showed initiative and enthusiasm.

Natasha’s cheerful, calm and inquisitive personality will be missed in our organisation.

Claudia Zieske – Deveron Projects
(See my Skype interview with Claudia here)

Natasha redesigned two websites I am responsible for – and She took them from being homemade-looking functional websites into something extremely professional and polished very quickly. She is responsive, helpful, patient and fairly priced, and has a strong artistic vision that enhances what we are trying to do. A real pleasure to work with.

Ben Sellers – Transformance Music, Colin Samurai

I worked with Natasha on a University of Edinburgh Student Partnership Project. Natasha designed a postcard illustrating ’10 tips to stay well,’ based on content provided by students. We went through a couple of rounds of changes, and Natasha was very responsive to feedback, always explaining her decisions to us and making great suggestions from a design point of view. She delivered the project on time and within budget, and it was a pleasure to work with her. The project has been featured on our website and will be given additional funding to make the postcard available to students across the University.

Kasia Banas – Edinburgh University

Natasha worked with me at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society in 2016 and 2017 as the Artworker (Fixed term contract). She was a great asset in our Marketing team, designing and producing a number of projects. She has a good eye for design and very accurate in her work. She was great at multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. I would happily have her back on the team anytime.

Fiona Payne – Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Always professional and a pleasure to work with, Natasha brought creativity along with excellent IT and organisational skills to the project and delivered a fantastic website at a great price.

Mark Meiklejohn – Talking Sheep