2016 Fringe Society Publications and Signage

For the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the agency Whitespace designed a print and online campaign. I was hired as Artworker and worked alongside an in-house designer to implement the campaign across various print media and signage. Below are some of the highlights.

2016 Fringe Programme

As Artworker for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society I was part of the 4 person team that typeset the 430+ page 2016 Fringe Programme in 4 days. 395,000 copies of this programme are printed for the festival which takes place in Edinburgh during the month of August.

The bulk of the content is exported into XML from a custom built software and then imported into Adobe InDesign where it is styled and prepared for the large scale printing process.

2016 Fringe Central Programme and Arts Industry Office Flyer

This Programme was designed and prepared for print entirely by myself under the supervision of the lead designer and the Head of Marketing and Sponsorship. The 50 page document is designed to inform participants of all the events and facilities that the Fringe society organises for them during the festival. The Arts Industry Office flyer is a double-sided trifold leaflet with special information for people who accredit themselves with the Fringe Society.


All the campaign branding of physical spaces and events was designed, coordinated and implemented by myself and the lead designer.