Deveron Projects Marketing

I was a Graduate Trainee at Deveron Projects for 3 months at the beginning of 2019. Given my background in Graphic Design I was tasked with making graphics for various events. Shown here are a selection. All artwork including the illustrations are my own.

Many posters were designed black and white and printed onto coloured sugar paper to keep in house printing costs low. I ended up adopting the style in some of my own work because I liked the aesthetic so much. You will see an example below in the Slow Marathon section.

Slow Marathon

I was responsible for marketing the Slow Marathon event. I created various imagery for websites, blogs, adverts and more and ran a social media campaign connected to the 2019 theme of walking and poetry. You will find images from that campaign here.

The social media campaign invited individuals to submit a poem (favourites or their own) on the theme of nature which I or my colleagues would write, photograph and share on our social media profiles.