Music That Changed My World

This is an A6 full colour zine printed on recycled paper. The original scanned illustrations can also be found in my portfolio. The following is the introduction text of the zine:

In 2010 I went to my first Harare concert. It changed my world.

Up until then I had never been interested in music from Africa or anything that people call ‘World Music’ really. That concert was epic. We all danced ecstatically for 2 hours in the rows of a well-lit, seated lecture hall. I bought the album and listened to it on repeat.

8 years later, music from across the world continues to blow my mind. But it upsets me how little mainstream exposure and attention it gets. I suppose I just wish someone had played me Fela Kuti rather than banging on about the greatest hits of 60s/70s Britain and America for most of my adolescence.

I want to see more diversity in music and celebrate the artistic heritage and achievements of the whole world.

So this is me celebrating. Let’s listen to international musicians, obsess about the kora, share the tunes that rock our socks and make fan art about it.

This zine is an illustrated playlist of some of my favourite tunes from various countries in Africa. I hope you find something that floods your heart and feeds your soul.

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