body count by Popea Salisbury

A debut zine from artist Popea Salisbury exploring the anxiety, hope, joy and sadness of love and modern dating through heartfelt prose and poetry.

With a unique stream of consciousness writing style, Popea takes us on a journey of her memories and reflections as she tells the story of 9 men she’s been with. The pages are interspersed with beautiful watercolour pieces bringing softness and a moment of reflection to her heart-wrenching writing.

Her emotional honesty and expressive prose will leave you deeply moved and reminiscing about your own experiences. I can’t recommend this beautiful and insightful zine enough. A must-read for anyone interested in per-zines and previous publications Female Friendly PornThe Girl Who Cried Love.

Read an interview with Popea here.

A6, 56 pages

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1 review for body count by Popea Salisbury

  1. Camilla Lyon

    An open and unflinching work which is thoughtful and thought provoking. Beautiful images and engaging writing.

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