The Girl Who Cried Love

It’s my longest zine yet. 40 pages of writing and poetry on my favourite topic – men. The premise:

“What is terrible is that after every one of the phases of my life is finished, I am left with no more than some banal commonplace that everyone knows: in this case, that women’s emotions are all still fitted for a kind of society that no longer exists. My deep emotions, my real ones, are to do with my relationship with a man. One man. But I don’t live that kind of life, and I know few women who do. So what I feel is irrelevant and silly… I am always coming to the conclusion that my real emotions are foolish, I am always having, as it were, to cancel myself out. I ought to be like a man, caring more for my work than for people; I ought to put my work first, and take men as they come, or find an ordinary comfortable man for bread and butter reasons—but I won’t do it, I can’t be like that…”

The Golden Notebook, 1962
Doris Lessing

Read the full zine here.

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  1. Haylie

    Such an enjoyable read! She writes experiences and feelings into words so well. And for a zine where the main subject is about men, it still feels deeply feminine.

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