FML Comics – Jan 2017

Fuck My Life Comics are NSFW autobiographical short comic strips created by me, a British Indian currently living in the UK. They aim to explore personal and political issues through humour. 

It’s A5, 10 double-sided white recycled pages and 12 comic strips:

The Gynaecologist, I Hate My Body, Party Jokes (Gone Too Far), New Delhi Fashion, Women in Tech (Fuck the Patriarchy), How Was Skiing, Cool Sound Engineer Guy, Hot Genius Guy,
Almond Flour Brownies Guy (#3, #3.1 & #3.2), The Perfect Butch

P.S. I’m running a special offer where I will send a comic to your friend for FREE. Details inside the comic…

£6 (approx. $7.50) each including international postage

Drop me a line at if you’re after a bulk discount.

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