FML Comics – Oct 2017

FML Comics are NSFW autobiographical short comic strips created by me, a British Indian currently living in the UK. They aim to explore personal and political issues through humour. 

It’s A5, 10 double-sided white recycled pages and 17 comic strips:

The Perfect Butch #4.1, Say Nothing, (Love Me) I Play Drums in a Band Now, Living in the Moment Guy, Enjoy the Fucking View, Pretty Attractive, Fucking the Patriarchy, Is it a Smile or a Fucking Grimace?, Love Yourself, Why Women Should Rule the World, You’re Beautiful, The Ussz (A.K.A. The Usual), Cool, I’ll Just Go Fuck Myself Then, My Danish Beach Boobs, For Shits & Giggles, Uncle Monologue’s Armchair Politics, I Am an Eco Warrior

£6 (approx. $7.50) each including international postage

Drop me a line at if you’re after a bulk discount.

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