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FML Comics Zine #1 + #2 Deal

They’re A5, 10 double-sided white recycled pages!

Issue #1
The Gynaecologist, I Hate My Body, Party Jokes (Gone Too Far), New Delhi Fashion, Women in Tech (Fuck the Patriarchy), How Was Skiing, Cool Sound Engineer Guy, Hot Genius Guy, Almond Flour Brownies Guy (#3, #3.1 & #3.2), The Perfect Butch

Issue #2
The Perfect Butch #4.1, Say Nothing, (Love Me) I Play Drums in a Band Now, Living in the Moment Guy, Enjoy the Fucking View, Pretty Attractive, Fucking the Patriarchy, Is it a Smile or a Fucking Grimace?, Love Yourself, Why Women Should Rule the World, You’re Beautiful, The Ussz (A.K.A. The Usual), Cool, I’ll Just Go Fuck Myself Then, My Danish Beach Boobs, For Shits & Giggles, Uncle Monologue’s Armchair Politics, I Am an Eco Warrior

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