FML Comics Book (Signed)

The first collection of FML Comics, published by the good people over at Good Comics. This copy is signed by me!

60+ comic strips, including most of the comics from Issues #1-#4 of my zine, as well as never before printed strips and written chapters documenting the behind the scenes of my life during this time.

Selected Reviews:

Broken Frontier, 2021
Pipedream Comics, 2021

For more information visit the FML Comics Website.

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4 reviews for FML Comics Book (Signed)

  1. Michael Oliver

    There are so many wonderful comics in this collection. I’m touched by Natasha’s psazz and mettle in sharing her intimate thoughts, feelings, and life-moments with the world. It inspires me and en -courage -es my heart. I feel I’ve received a gift, in paper, from the stirrings of a courageous heart – moving through the world and singing out their joys and sorrows.

  2. The World


  3. Jokubas Ragauskas

    Engaging, humorous and sooo relatable! I blazed through the comics being touched by the honesty and the soothing effect it had on me!

  4. Tina Kat

    Reading FML comics feels like remembering what life is actually like. It feels deeply honest, intimate and real. There is a mix between the sad, the difficult but also the light and the humorous. I am reminded of the joy of friendship and love, the complications of being a [millenial] woman/femme and the endless ups and downs of the turnings of the mind. Natasha letting us into her world in this way makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin and feels extremely brave. This is a gift to the world. There is something for everyone to connect to and feelings and thoughts that everyone should hear.

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