This collection of photographs was awarded first prize at the SOAS Audiovisual Awards 2022. Read more here.

Supporting Statement

Since 2017 I have been documenting my life through analogue photography. I am interested in capturing people in their everyday, unposed beauty. This particular collection focuses on unscripted moments of connection in relationships. I purposefully depict a range of relationships and forms of connection to highlight our varied humanity. It is an invitation to recognise the daily moments of tenderness and intimacy that we might otherwise overlook.

This collection also reflects my approach to photography. I try not to position myself as ‘a photographer’ because I don’t want my subjects to feel the presence of the camera. I often carry my camera around, but take pictures very rarely, and only in situations where I feel I have a genuine relationship to the subjects. For this reason, I mostly find myself photographing people I am already connected to, through work, friendship, or family. Those are the situations in which I feel most free and ethically permitted to take pictures. My familiarity with the subjects also means that we are almost able to ignore the camera.

You can therefore find the theme of connection both inside these images – between the subjects – and outside of them – between me and the subjects– most of whom are close friends and family. I hope these varied connections help you to meditate on your own feelings of connectedness.