I learnt the classical guitar for a couple years as a child and then I basically stopped playing it. I’d pick it up now and then to try and learn a tune but it never really went anywhere. Still, I kept my childhood guitar and carried it with me wherever I lived. Then in 2018 I moved to the Outer Hebrides to do a one year art course and I finally had time to explore that side of me. This EP/Demo is the culmination of that journey. Recorded by yours truly on a portable Tascam microphone in my studio flat 🙂

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she had the same strings for 10 years
until one day they snapped and she had to restring herself
then, she found herself singing
at first she felt scared that she wasn’t any good
but it brought her such joy, so she continued
and with time she forgot what good meant
she started to see the beauty of her curves,
the brown of her body
she smelt her insides and found the smells of the wood she was made of,
surprised that after all this time the odour could be so strong
she felt the marks that had accumulated over the years;
marks of childhood
of travel
of experience
and for maybe the first time, she felt grateful     just     to     be