How I Work

I am quite flexible when it comes to starting a project but over the years I have developed a process which has worked well for developing WordPress websites. It is not set in stone but it gives you an overview of what you can expect from working with me.


1. We have a Skype conversation

Where you explain your business to me and your goals and ideas for the website. This includes the purpose of the site, the functionality you expect and an overview of the content. We also plan the next steps of what we need to do, I will probably ask you to send me some designs/websites that you like and a more detailed overview of the content and pages you need.


2. I conceptualise and design a look and feel for the site

WordPress runs on what are called ‘themes.’ You can build these from scratch but there are millions (I don’t think that’s an overstatement) available on the internet. It is most time and cost efficient to choose a theme which I can then customise to suit your needs. This second part therefore usually involves me looking for a theme, that broadly speaking meets your design criteria, and creating mockups of a few pages so you get a feel for what the site will look like. This process generally takes 3-4 iterations.


3. You prepare the content

To make the process of building the website as efficient as possible I will ask you to compile all the content in a Google Drive folder within a structure that reflects the structure you would like on the site, this includes all the copy and images that you may require. This should be completed before I begin.


4. I build the site

At this point I will ask for all the technical details for access to your website so I can actually build the site.


5. We look at final changes, testing and SEO

Once the site is built you will have a final look, make sure everything meets your requirements and we will set up some basic search engine optimisation so that the current ranking of your site doesn’t fall and your pages meet some basic best practices.


» How much do you charge?

I charge by the hour and use a program called Toggl to track my tasks and hours. At the end of a project I will provide you a PDF of where my hours went along with the invoice. Contact me for information about my hourly rate.

» How long will it take?

Of course this depends on the scope of your site and how quickly I am able to get the necessary materials and guidance from you. In my experience, for a site of between 5-10 pages with some extended functionality (mailchimp and social media integration, SEO optimisation etc.), you can expect 30-40 hours of work over at least a month.

More questions? Contact me