People I Work With

Eliot Gelberg-Wilson


…and the Clyde to my Bonnie. Elie is a talented director and very patient filmographer and editor. He is my go-to for any video projects.

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Bx Sassy

Presenter // Journalist // Visual Storyteller // Founder of The Sassy Show

…and allround Sassy Soul. She has interviewed me, photographed me and supported my creativity on many occasion.

Visit her Website

Cassandra Gurling

Composer // Producer // Founder of AGAMA

A beautiful person, musician and performer. I am Cassandra’s manager. You can contact me for any enquires about her work.

Popea Salisbury

Artist // Student // Educator

My favourite visual creative to work with. She is  innovative, self-motivated and enthusiastic about all things art. I published Popea’s first zine body count and she currently helps me run a weekly after-school art club.