Ink Well Exhibition // Hackney Comic + Zine Fair

Chuffed to have been commissioned for this Ink Well Exhibition at Gillett Square, Dalston from 4-30 September. It’s part of Hackney Comic + Zine Fair 2021!

It’s a group exhibition with an interesting concept; 13 comic artists were commissioned in the style of an ‘exquisite corpse’ which means each artist follows on from the end of the previous one’s work. So we’re all kind of working together but we only see the previous comic artist’s work. My comic is actually the last in the sequence. The 13 exhibited works can be read in a sequence though I personally think they each stand out in and of themselves. They’re all broadly speaking about Mental Health and are intended to raise awareness about the subject.

You can read more about it all on the HCZF website.

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