Final Term at Rumi’s Cave Art Club

Plants, Charcoal, Collage & Collaboration

We have had a fantastic term at Rumi’s Cave Art Club. Not only did we have 7 weekly sessions but we had 3 amazing workshops to make up for the sessions we missed at the beginning of the year because of lockdown. We also enjoyed a final exhibition to celebrate our artwork with friends and family.

Weekly Classes

Week 1 РWe made paper maché bowls. We got really messy and had a lot of fun.

Week 2 – We introduced our term theme of plants and painted our bowls.

Week 3 – Everyone was given a sketchbook and and we started using charcoal to draw different leaves. We even made a large charcoal drawing!

Week 4 – We got more advanced with our charcoal. We used rubbers to draw and we used light to make plant shadow drawings.

Week 5 – We learnt about rubbings and did some painting to create collage materials.

Week 6 – We cut out leaves from our collage materials and made a humongous mixed media piece of art!

Week 7 – We set up our final exhibition.


The Cartoon Museum, Sunday 6th June

We spent a lovely afternoon at The Cartoon Museum in Central London with Steve Marchant who delivered a workshop about drawing characters.

The Floating Classroom, Saturday 3rd July

Definitely a highlight of this art club project was enjoying an afternoon on Regent’s Canal with The Floating Classroom. We were joined by a horticulturalist, Richard Choksey, who delivered a workshop about plant life along the canals and we did some charcoal drawing in our sketchbooks based on what he told us.

Meanwhile Gardens, Saturday 17th July

We enjoyed another lovely session with horticulturalist Richard Choksey at Meanwhile Gardens in Kensal Rise. He gave us a tour of this beautifully cultivated wild section of the canals and we did some observational watercolour painting in our sketchbooks.

Final Exhibition

To end this most wonderful project we organised a final exhibition in the big hall at Rumi’s Cave on the afternoon of Saturday 24th July. Friends and family were invited to share Malaysian food with us catered by the cafe at Rumi’s Cave and we played some fun games to say goodbye to each other. We also got some postcards and posters of our collaborated artwork printed to show off what we’d achieved over the term.

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