Panel by Panel Discussions – Rachael House

This Panel by Panel Discussion with Rachael House on Saturday 26 June, the day of Trans Pride, marks the last event for me at The Cartoon Museum! I had a fantastic day live drawing and discussing queerness. I had been nervous about exploring this topic but felt really nourished by the experience. We found many questions but not many answers and soon realised how difficult it was going to be to capture something concrete in a single comic. Especially in one day. I think this comic reflects that but I really love what we achieved anyway and particularly enjoyed talking to Rachael.

I’ve realised that these collaborative comics are maybe more about the process than the result. The process inspired some really open, reflective and insightful discussions. I hope the people on the zoom events got a sense of that. Something about trying to put your thoughts into a comic while having a discussion helps you dig deep into what you really think. And maybe even question it?

Anyway aside from the content I love how our styles fit together. It was so nice watching Rachael’s working process. Amazing how much depth she achieves in greyscale and how much detail there are to her drawings. I especially love all the little patterns.

Filmmaker (/Clyde to my Bonnie) Eliot Gelberg-Wilson also filmed an interview with Rachael and documented the process of her drawing. We will be sharing it soon!

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