Panel by Panel Discussions – Rob Bidder

Rob Bidder is an all-round fantastic human so it comes as no surprise to me that I had a fantastic day of live drawing another collaborative comic with him at The Cartoon Museum – last time I was with Jenny Robins. This was the second event in a series of Panel by Panel Discussions I’ve been doing at The Cartoon Museum. We had some really nice interactions with members of the public. We even showed some children a little collaborative drawing activity where you take turns drawing a body – part by part.

We approached the collaborative comic differently this time. We decided what we were going to say beforehand and we actually both drew in every panel. Our theme was ‘The Cloud’. I feel really proud of our discussion and artistic experiment. We made 6 large panels together! My favourite is the last panel. I loved watching Rob’s careful dipping pen ink work and how masterfully he uses watercolours. We didn’t finish on the day so Rob took some of the panels home to finish and post to me.

We ended the day with a few gin and tonics and a zoom event filled with lots of philosophical reflections about ‘The Cloud’, the role of art and social media!

Filmmaker (/Clyde to my Bonnie) Eliot Gelberg-Wilson also filmed an interview with Rob and documented the process of his drawing. I’m so excited to see it!

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Come see us live draw on Saturday 26th June and book tickets for the online zoom discussions.

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