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Had the best day live drawing a collaborative comic at The Cartoon Museum with Jenny Robins yesterday! We spent the whole day bang in the middle of the museum drawing comics. A bit like zoo animals except Jenny kept saying Hi to strangers and at one point followed Hi with: “you don’t get that at the zoo do you?” I thought it was really nice to interact with the public and I got to meet some Instagram friends in real life for the first time!!

I feel really proud of what we made: we filled an A2 sheet of paper with 13 comic panels and shared quite an intimate conversation about jealousy. I love that we integrated Jenny’s collage practice. It was really fun to make art with another person – that too someone whose art I really respect! I feel like Jenny pushed me to be better (and quicker) in a really supportive way. She’s an art teacher so I guess that’s a given… I also really enjoyed watching Jenny’s process. I was somewhat relieved to see her take selfies and pictures of me with her phone to use as reference images. I also loved the way she organised her collage paper and how she layered collage work.

The final framed work will be on display at the Cartoon Museum from Monday 14th June week until the end of my exhibition which is the 1st August.

We ended the day with a few gin and tonics and a zoom event filled with lots of chat about zines and self-publishing! I took some of Jenny’s beautiful zines home with me.

Filmmaker (/Clyde to my Bonnie) Eliot Gelberg-Wilson also filmed an interview with Jenny and documented the process of her making so you can look forward to a video coming out soon.

Next Up

It felt really special to be drawing inside The Cartoon Museum and interacting with the general public. I am excited to see what the next events bring:

  • 19th June – Rob Bidder
  • 26th June – Rachael House

Come see us live draw on the day and book tickets for the online zoom discussions.


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