My comic strip is being published!!!

It is with so much joy, and a sense of incredulity, that I can proudly announce ‘FML Comics Collected 2016-2020’, a collection of my comic strips being published by the amazing people of Good Comics and available to pre-order on Kickstarter till the 4th November 2020.

I am so grateful to Good Comics for publishing this collection. I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands in January 2021. I doubt I’ll get to have a real life launch but I will think of something to commemorate the occasion and celebrate all the people who have been part of this amazing journey. A huge thank you to all of you.

I never even dreamt of this day. I was just scribbling my internal drama on bits of paper because it was fun. And felt cathartic. But these comics have expanded my whole word and totally changed my life… Anyway you get it.
I’m gonna be talking about my work, serendipitous things that got me to this place, the quirks of making and more at a monthly LDC Meeting on Monday October 19th at 7pm. It’s online so you’re all very welcome.

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