Youtube Tutorial Videos // Digitising FML Comics


I got chatting to a fellow Comic Artist/Zinester a couple weeks ago and she informed she had just installed Photoshop but didn’t really know where to start on making her comics screen friendly. So far her work was very handmade and DIY. So I was inspired! I know I’m always intrigued by the process – like how do artists actually make? I always want to know how my contemporaries do things – is there something I can learn from their methods, will it confirm that my method is good for me?

So for any newbies out there, here’s something to get you off the ground. Perhaps my methods aren’t for you but hopefully they’ll show you that I’m winging it as much as anyone else. For you veterans out there maybe there’s a step that quickens your process or feel free to get in touch and give me your own tips!!

Anyway it’s split into 3 videos: 1. Scanning, 2. Photoshopping and the Web, 3. Preparing for Instagram

Digitising Comics
Part 1: Scanning

Digitising Comics
Part 2: Photoshopping and the Web

Digitising Comics
Part 3: Instagram

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