What connects Claude Debussy, Ella Fitzgerald & Melba Doretta Liston?


I’m branching into writing about music. Am I qualified? Not really. Should I be spending time on this. Probably not.

BUT… to be fair my most popular blog posts are about my iTunes library; turns out there are other music crazies in the world who’ve gone mad for AppleScripts – Edit your iTunes Play Count. I love the internet, it makes me feel less alone. Maybe buy my comics to make it all really worth it?

….It’s always worth a try.

Ok, get to the point now… what the hell is this post about Natasha. The internet is all about attention, you’ve already messed this up.

Right, ok.

The past few weeks I have been researching and copywriting for a ‘100 Influential Women in Music’ project. I came across 2 beautiful adaptations of Claude Debussy’s beautiful piano piece – Reverie. From piano to vocals to a trombone! I love listening to different versions of the same melody so I just wanted to share. Here they are:

1. Claude Debussy, played by Francois-Joel Thiollier

2. Ella Fitzgerald

3. Melba Doretta Listen

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