Can’t remember/find your Wifi password?

Need to tell a friend your Wifi password but can’t remember what it is or can’t be bothered to trek to the router? Welcome Keychain access. – this little app, that comes with your Mac, knows all.

1. Navigate to your Applications folder > Utilities and open up the Keychain Access application.keychain_app

2. Search the name of your Wifi network. You should see a list of matching results in the main part of the window. Double click on the one that matches the name of your Wifi network. A small popup will appear.


3. Check the show password box and a you will be prompted to enter you computer password (that’s the same one you use to login when you start your computer or  install a new application). It will then ask you for username and password AGAIN. Enter the exact same information as before. Your username is probably your full name.


4. Ta dah. Password appears!

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