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  • What connects Claude Debussy, Ella Fitzgerald & Melba Doretta Liston?

    A REVERIE… I’m branching into writing about music. Am I qualified? Not really. Should I be spending time on this. Probably not. BUT… to be fair my most popular blog posts are about my iTunes library; turns out there are other music crazies in the world who’ve gone mad for AppleScripts – Edit your iTunes Play Count. I love the internet, it makes me feel less alone. Maybe buy my…

  • AppleScripts – Edit your iTunes Play Count

    You might ask, why would I ever need to edit the play count of a song? That’s a valid question and this function is probably reserved for the more anal iTunes user but let me give you an example. Sometimes I begin listening to an artist through a ‘Best of’ Album. After a while I realise that I LOVE them and I decide to graduate to their studio albums. Now…

  • WordPress Testimonial Shortcode

    I have been searching for a long time for a good plugin to display testimonials but to no avail. I just wanted something really simple so I made my own and thought I would share it. You can see it on my homepage. No javascript, nothing fancy just CSS and HTML.

  • Can’t remember/find your Wifi password?

    Need to tell a friend your Wifi password but can’t remember what it is or can’t be bothered to trek to the router? Welcome Keychain access. – this little app, that comes with your Mac, knows all.

  • Is your Mac fan being loud? Try This

    Reset your SMC (System Management Controller) and PRAM (parameter random-access-memory). Sounds hard and scary but its really not, its just a bit mysterious.

  • 5 Shortcuts to Use More Often

    I love shortcuts. Though I don’t use as many as some people do, I still use a few ALL the time. Here are some of my favourite. Most of them are keyboard shortcuts so here’s a little help for those of you who get confused:

  • Combine PDFs in a click

    When applying for a job do you include your references in the same PDF as your CV? Or do you want to clean up folders that contain a trillion PDFs? Do you know how to do this, and if you do can you do it quickly? Introducing…AUTOMATOR. A powerful mac application that lets you do this (and more if you want it to).

  • feedly before

    All your news in one place – RSS Readers

    A chance conversation with a professor the other week reminded me of my search for the perfect RSS (rich site summary) reader. Rather than opening up 4 windows every morning to check my news I want 1. I have found a solution. So what is this RSS business?

  • Shared Shopping Lists – for iOS users

    This feature is an example of why I love Apple. I don’t know when it first came to exist but I found out about it last night and I must share it with you! I have literally been waiting for this feature and requested it several times on the apple website (yes, I do believe they listen to our feedback). So what is it? Well, you know the reminders app…

  • On your Way to iTunes Perfection

    With the new iTunes 11 the imperative to clean up your music library is even more than it was before. Not only is album art more than necessary now but misspelt artists and albums are painfully obvious in the new grid layout, which is BEAUTIFUL when done right. This is for those of you who care. Here are 5 tips to get you on your way to a wonderful iTunes…