I’m Natasha Natarajan (she/her), a British-Indian creative running a freelance arts business under the name Chikaboo Designs. ‘Chikaboo’ was a childhood nickname given to me by my dad.

I plan and deliver creative projects and events. I take part in all stages of the process and offer my skills and expertise wherever necessary. I am more interested in the project I am working for, than what specifically I do. As a result, my skills have expanded over the years.

I’m up for everything and have experience in a lot of different roles. You can find me around London working on commissions, delivering workshops, managing other artists and publishing zines. I enjoy being a chameleon or a unicorn – whatever they’re calling it these days.

Since October 2022 I also work part-time as Events and Partnerships Coordinator for the worker-cooperative, SPACE4, in Finsbury Park. Read all about my coop work here.

Art Practice

From 2016 to 2022 I wrote an autobiographical comic strip ‘FML Comics‘ exploring my most personal and political experiences. In 2021 I was published by Good Comics and exhibited at The Cartoon Museum. My comics practice opened a lot of artistic doors for me and established me as a professional artist in the UK. I have a strong drawing and writing practice and have used these to publish zines and tour UK zine fairs. I also sell pieces as framed original artwork.

I have now started a new comic strip and continue to further my artistic skills. I love commissions but I also love working more as a producer to realise the dreams of other artists. I am open to any artistic collaborations.

Out and about

Tabling Finnish Comics Festival, Space Station Sixty-Five
November 2023

“Putting Theory into Practice: Imagining our Future in Cultural Work”
4-part SOAS Event Series, 18/25 May + 1/8 June 2022

Tabling Edinburgh Zine Fair
17th May 2022

Cartoon Museum Conference Presenter “It’s all about the process right?”
7th Feb 2022

Drawn Out Comic Readings with Rachael House & Friends
July-October 2021
LDC, 18 October, Tickets

Hackney Comic + Zine Fair
4-30 September 2021

‘Natasha Natarajan: FML Comics’ Exhibition at The Cartoon Museum
18 May to 8 August 2021

‘Panel By Panel Discussions’ Live Events at The Cartoon Museum
5th + 19th + 26 June 2021

Online Comic Reading for the ‘Resistance Sustenance Protection’ Book Launch, Estuary Festival
Free (Booking Essential)
28 May 2021

House of Illustration, Illustrator in Residence, Bell Lane Primary School
February to May 2021

Rumi’s Cave Art Club
January to July 2021

Glasgow Zine Fair
1 – 31 April 2021

Presenting at LD Comics Monthly Event
Online (£3 Tickets here)
19 October 2020, 7pm

Artist Self-Publisher’s Fair, ICA London
27 September 2020

TLM YRSassy Story Podcast (Spotify, iTunes), London
1 August 2020

LDComics Queer Comics Reading , The Cartoon Museum, London
9 January 2020

Illustration + Print Open, Deptford Does Art, London
12-22 December 2019

The People’s Party Workshop, Deptford X, London
2nd November 2019

Ghost Comic Festival, Glasgow, Scotland
26 October 2019

CHEER UP LOVE Zine Fair, EartH, London
29 September 2019

South London Zine Festival, Deptford Does Art, London
2-11 August 2019

Comics as Activism, Panelist, Queers and Comics Conference, New York
17-18 May 2019

No man is an island, Solo Exhibition, Ladyboss Collective, Edinburgh
4-6 April 2019

Full Colour Comic Anthology, Group Exhibition, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Diversity in Comics, Panelist, Glasgow Comicon


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